Tan-go Suncenter meets all safety and quality requirements of the industry. At Tan-go personal attention and honest advice are the most important.
Our tanning beds are well maintained and all measurements are taken to tan responsibly.

You must be over 18 years old to be able to tan in our studio. We will ask for an id for verification. 

  • Be patient with the tanning schedule; go slowly.
  • Use products that are especially for the tanning beds in the studio; for the correct protection and a great tanning result.
  • Don’t use make-up or perfume to prevent sensitivity and irritation.
  • Where protective glasses against the UV beams.
  • When you have a skin with special needs (psoriasis or acne) or you have a lot of freckles, or pigmentation spots or birth marks then aks your doctor or dermatologist for advice.

In the studio you can buy professional tanning cremes. We have our own brand plus the well known brands as Australian Gold and Emerald Bay. Ask Monique which one is best for you.

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